Twitterings and ramblings of Sophie Shanahan-Kluth

About Me

Hi! My name is Sophie Shanahan-Kluth, or just Sophie S-K for short. I usually go by the shorter version where possible, because my full name often doesn't fit into name fields.

I'm a full-stack Drupal developer based in Bristol UK. I've been here for ten years, having moved here to study Web Design at UWE Bristol, and am now living with my partner and two cats, Mika and Shiro. I like cats, coffee, music, improving myself, and art. Mostly in that order.

I started working with the web when I was about thirteen, creating pages on Neopets, Geocities and AvidGamers. To start with I thought of myself as a front-end developer (who doesn't like making things look nice?!) but through university and afterwards I've moved more towards back-end work.

Now I mostly do back-end development, but I can (and, to my colleagues' eternal chagrin, I do) still pick up front-end tasks from time-to-time. When I'm allowed, I like to do sysadmin work as well, or sort out ticket boards, or write documentation, or ...

I still enjoy working on single-page websites, or at least websites with a simple template (as opposed to a massive Drupal theme). Not that you could tell, to look at this site :P

On a day-to-day basis I work from home, with one cat on my lap interrupting video calls and the other prowling around looking for more food :)