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Overriding checkout templates in Magento

I recently spent the best part of a day trying to figure out how to replace a single part of a Magento checkout with a custom template. Since I spent most of my time jumping around the internet, I thought I'd collate my findings in this post.

Testing https redirects in Docksal

Redirecting http:// to https:// is standard practice, but how do you test that locally if the redirect depends on environment variables and a certain set of paths?

Running functional JavaScript tests in Docksal

Running PHPUnit tests in Docksal is straightforward, but we struggled to get Functional JavaScript tests to run within Docksal. Here's how we got them working.

Creating fields in update hooks on Drupal 8

You've got an update hook that depends on a new field that depends on config import that needs to be done after the update hook has run that requires the config import that needs... ARGH.

User registration using Simple Oauth

In a headless setup, I wanted to protect the user registration endpoint from being accessed by unauthenticated users. I achieved it using the Simple Oauth module.