Running functional JavaScript tests in Docksal

Testing your work is important, there is absolutely no doubt about it. For a while I've been writing and running PHPUnit tests for Drupal sites that I work on, working mainly with Unit and Kernel tests. With Docksal, I've been able to run Functional tests as well (where I was struggling to get my Docker containers to talk to each other previously). However Functional JavaScript tests were proving an unusual hurdle.

Drupal recommends, in its tests README file, that you use Chromedriver to run these tests, but it wasn't exactly clear how to do that within the Docksal framework.

After wrestling with a number of legacy Composer dependencies I ended up heading to the Docksal channel on the Drupal Slack and asking my questions there. Thanks to the help of Andrew Macpherson and J.D. Flynn, I was able to figure out what to do.

Changes to docksal.yml #

The first thing was to add a new service to the Docksal set up. It's called browser but as Andrew pointed out there may be scope to add an extra browser in the future, so something like chrome may have made more sense.

This got added to the end of our docksal.yml file as another service:

  hostname: browser
  image: selenium/standalone-chrome
    - '${DOCKSAL_DNS1}'
    - '${DOCKSAL_DNS2}'
    - >-

Then run fin restart to pick up the change, download the new service and there it was: http://browser.project.docksal was up and running.

Changes to phpunit.xml #

Tests still weren't running, but J.D. pointed out that I may need to adjust my phpunit.xml file. We were using a very pared-back version of core's phpunit.xml.dist so I had to check against that. In that file was a variable we weren't using in ours:

<!-- Example for changing the driver args to webdriver tests MINK_DRIVER_ARGS_WEBDRIVER value: '["chrome", { "chromeOptions": { "w3c": false } }, "http://localhost:4444/wd/hub"]' For using the Firefox browser, replace "chrome" with "firefox" -->
<env name="MINK_DRIVER_ARGS_WEBDRIVER" value=''/>

Whew, what a mouthful! But it gave me the pointers I needed to adjust our phpunit.xml file to include the following:

<env name="MINK_DRIVER_ARGS_WEBDRIVER" value='["chrome", { "chromeOptions": { "w3c": false } }, "http://browser.project.docksal/wd/hub"]'/>

The proof is in the pudding #

With all that in place I was able to run one of Core's functional JavaScript tests (I have a custom fin phpunit command that allows me to put a phpunit.xml file outside of core):

⇒  fin phpunit docroot/core/modules/node/tests/src/FunctionalJavascript/ContextualLinksTest.php --verbose
PHPUnit 6.5.14 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

Runtime:       PHP 7.3.9
Configuration: /var/www/.docksal/drupal/phpunit.xml

Testing Drupal\Tests\node\FunctionalJavascript\ContextualLinksTest
.                                                                   1 / 1 (100%)

Time: 33.96 seconds, Memory: 6.00MB

OK (1 test, 10 assertions)

Job's a good'un!

Thanks again to the lovely folk in the Docksal channel. That community is top-notch :)